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Laid off

It must have been either Tuesday or Wednesday this week, taking my kids to school, when my son asked me about "that guy that doesn't have a house."
Which guy? I asked.
"The guy that doesn't have a house," Chris replied. "The one we gave money to outside of White Castle."
I'd nearly forgotten about the homeless gentleman we saw outside a local restaurant a year or so ago — that's not a tremendously frequent occurrence here in Livingston County, but it's not unheard of, either. I took the chance to try to give the kid a life lesson in karma, and treating people how you'd hope others would treat you. I made Chris hand him enough money so he could at least buy dinner.
That recollection started a back-and-forth about the man we'd seen.
Why didn't he have a house? Well, likely something bad happened, like he lost his job.
Did he have a family? A wife and kids? That I didn't know, either.
A few days later, and now I also do n…

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